Development of web-sites is on the most important direction of our ctivity. We create websites with individual approach, from small sites to internet-portals and sites for federal advertising campaigns.
Online Stores
The modern world of commerce is difficult to imagine without the Internet. Creating an online store - this is the first step of the output buisness to online. Our company has extensive experience in developing effective online stores.
Corporate Systems
In today's world, the concept of corporate systems is invested with a large number of functions that allow you to connect external communications with internal ones. The corporate site should provide electronic document management, integration of CRM-systems, creation of a tender platform for subcontracting and much more. We help our clients not to get confused in this diversity and develop the right solution.
Mobile applications
Market of mobile applications is actively growing and developing. Already, many users surf the Internet using mobile devices instead of PCs. We develop applications for iOS (iPhone + iPad) and Android, providing coverage for more than 90% of mobile devices.
Design and corporate style
We create logos and corporate styles for new brands, as well as rebranding existing ones. We test the logo for use on the Internet, advertising, we check the applicability of the created logo on various media - from polygraphy and souvenir products to applying it to the car. We are developing a brand-book - a guide to the use of your logo.
Promotion and advertising on the Internet
We help our customers to be the first in Bing, Google and other search systems. We create brand-integration into existing products. We can create virality providing viral marketing and the natural growth of the product.
Exclusive solutions
Do you have an idea of an exclusive project? Do you need a complex development, with integration into different platforms and solving performance problems, in a user-friendly interface? We are ready to do it for you. We can develop for you technical documentation, terms of reference for holding a tender for choosing a contractor. We also develop game projects and much more.
Russian hackers
We provide IT security services. Learn More